Net Prices or Commissions: how it works

Here is a simplified guide to explain the differences between the two methods of utilizing the B2B marketplace once you've registered and logged in.

Profile "Gross Prices and Commissions"

Booking Process

Fully online, either by you or your customer.

Payment and Invoice process

You handle your booking online, including payment. You send an invoice to Winedering to collect commissions.


You view Gross Prices and your Commission online.

Profile "Net Prices"

Booking Process

Partially online (availability, quotation, final request) and partially offline (confirmation, payment, management).

Payment and Invoicing Process

Offline. Winedering sends you an invoice that you can pay via credit card or bank transfer.


You view Net Prices online.

In Winedering there are 2 ways to operate:

  1. Gross Prices and Commissions:

    1. When you book online for your customers, managing the entire process digitally (booking request, confirmation, payment, management).

    2. When you share a tracked link with your customers to allow them to book independently.

  2. Net prices:

    1. When using the B2B marketplace online to search, find, and purchase experiences from Winedering. Booking requests are managed offline by Winedering (confirmation, invoicing, payment).

While navigating as a logged-in distributor on, your current browsing profile ("Net Prices Only" or "Gross Price and Commission") is displayed in the black top bar.

Prices are shown differently when viewing an experience page...

...and when navigating through destinations:

1. How to set or update your profile mode

You can select your preferred mode during registration or by updating your profile from your distributor control panel under the "Settings" menu.


 2. Bookings

The booking process is fully online if you work on "Gross Prices and Commissions" and you can see how it works here.

If you work on "Net Prices" you will see a real-time quotation and send a full request, but you will not manage it online. We will receive your request and manage it offline, keeping in touch with you as quickly as possible.