How to pick the best experiences

To ensure you select the ideal experience for your customers, focus on just two key considerations::

1) Trust Our Algorithm (suggested)

Winedering employs a sophisticated algorithm to rank experiences based on various factors, ensuring a curated selection for B2B buyers.
The key criteria include the number of completed reservations, supplier reliability, average review ratings, experience quality, and availability.

So, just picking up the top-listed experiences in a destination, you'll have a high likelihood of choosing a nearly perfect experience.

2) Evaluate Supplier Reliability (optional)

Winedering offers a reserved feature for B2B partners to assess supplier reliability.

This feature displays the ratio of received bookings to completed ones for any experience and the related supplier.

A rate exceeding 70% is generally considered good, while anything above 90% ensures almost certain acceptance of your reservation. This valuable insight allows B2B buyers to make more confident decisions when selecting experiences.

By combining the power of our algorithmic recommendations with the supplier reliability feature, Winedering ensures that you can confidently choose experiences that align with your expectations and requirements.

Happy exploring!