Booking Management for Suppliers

Tutorial on how to manage bookings from you Winedering control panel

List all Bookings

The reservation list is automatically displayed when you click the "Control Panel" button in the top menu.

To view all bookings anyway, simply login, click on "Control Panel" in the menu bar at the top and enter the "Bookings" section within the "Supplier Area". 

Booking Status

Each booking can be in a specific status:

  1. Waiting Supplier Confirmation: this is the most important status for you, cause it means that the booking is waiting for you to be urgently confirmed or rejected.

  2. Canceled By Customer: this status means that a booking already confirmed by the customer (and maybe by you also) has been canceled by the customer.

  3. Confirmed: this status means that the booking has been confirmed by both you and the customer.

  4. Completed: this status means that the booking has been succesfully completed.

You can filter bookings by status, name of the customer or code.


View Booking Details

To view the details of a booking, just follow the instructions up above to access bookings list and click on the link on the first column of each row, that reports the code of the booking and the "open" text. 

Confirm or Reject a Booking

To confirm or reject a booking you should follow, first of all, the instructions up above to view open a specific booking details page. Once open you have 3 buttons on the left:

  1. Confirm

  2. Reject

  3. Edit Booking Date/Time (instructions on a paragraph apart)

If you click on confirm, you confirm the booking instantly and the customer receive an email notification. In this moment Winedering take the total amount of the booking from the credit card of the customer, so that the customer will have nothing to pay to you directly. (Click here to check how and when you will receive the net amount)

If you click on rejectyou reject the booking instantly and the customer receive an email notification. We will automatically delete the payment authorization on the credit card of the customer. 

Pay attention:

  1. Rejecting a booking drastically impact on the quality of your account and the ranking/visibility of your experiences on

  2. You can call or text the customer to ask for a change of date/time before rejecting a booking

Here below 2 videos on how to confirm or reject a booking


Update Booking Date/Time

Important: Contact the Customer First to agree a new date and get authorization!

Before updating the date and/or time of a booking, YOU MUST GET AUTHORIZATION FROM THE CUSTOMER!!

You can change the booking date and/or time. Watch this video for instructions on how to update the booking date/time after getting the customer's authorization.

Winedering will send an email to the customer immediately upon processing the request. However, we cannot guarantee that the email will be received by the customer due to circumstances beyond our control, like: land in the spam or junk folder, be sent to an incorrect email address, be blocked or filtered by the email provider, fail to be delivered if the email account is full.

Reminder: Get Authorization First!!

Do not change the booking date or time without prior customer's approval.
If you make changes without informing them, they might miss the update and assume the original booking date is still valid.


Cancel Confirmed Booking

Even if you confirmed a booking, it could happen that you need to cancel due to force majeure. To do it, open a booking already confirmed and click on the button "Cancel".

To be as courteous as possible, you should contact the customer by phone or text/whatsapp to let them know about the cancellation in person, particularly if you are cancelling a few hours or days before the booking date itself.