Bookings Management

Take a look at how to book online on and how to check your booking status

How to Book Online

Booking an experience (tasting, event, tour etc...) on Winedering is very easy.

Here it is a short video to understand how easy it is to book online on After the video, you'll find all the steps written and explained.


Booking steps

  1. Click on the "Check Availability" button

  2. Enter data on the booking form

  3. Click on "Review and Confirm"

    1. Something wrong? No problem, cancel the booking and made a new one.

  4. Click on the button "Confirm". You'll have to insert a valid credit card to guarantee your booking.
    We are not taking your money!

    1. You could see a "transaction" on you credit card account balance, but it's not a real transaction, it's just a payment authorization.
      We will take the amount of the booking from your credit card only when the supplier will definitively confirm the booking.

  5. You've done!

  6. Now just wait for the final confirm by the supplier itself. You'll be notified via mail.

  7. You can cancel or check the status of your booking in any moment clicking here.
    You'll be asked to fill in some data: booking code (check the confirmation email you received), email and surname

Booking status

Here are the possible status of a booking:

  1. Waiting customer confirmation: this means that your booking has been created but you have to confirm it with a valid credit card

  2. Waiting supplier confirmation: this means that your booking, now, must be confirmed by the experience supplier (the winery or the tour operator)

  3. Rejected by Supplier: the experience's supplier rejected your booking request

  4. Confirmed: the booking has been confirmed both by you and the experience's supplier

  5. Completed: the booking has been definetly completed

  6. Canceled by Supplier: the booking, once confirmed, has been canceled by the supplier due to force majeure

  7. Canceled by Customer: the booking has been canceled by you

View and Manage your Booking

Viewing a reservation is very easy.

If you were not registered or logged in when you made the booking, then click on this link and enter the required fields. The booking code and email are visible in the booking confirmation email you received when you created the booking.

If you were registered and logged in when you made the reservation, then you only need to enter, log in from the menu or by clicking here and then continue from the menu to "Your Account -> Reservations" (or by clicking here). At this point it is sufficient to click on the code of the reservation or the eye icon placed on the right side of the line.

Cancel a Booking

If you cancel a booking before the free cancellation date limit, you will be refunded immediately. You will have nothing to pay!

If the supplier will cancel a booking, you will be immediately refunded!

Modify a Booking

Wrong booking? Cancel it immediately and create a new booking request. It's free!

Add participants to a Booking

To add participants, you will need to make a new reservation for the number of people you intend to add. We cannot add new participants to an existing reservation because your payment details are fully encrypted during the reservation process for security reasons.

Alternatively, you can cancel your reservation and make a new one for the total number of participants. Before canceling, check the cancellation terms of your reservation and that your chosen activity is available for the new number of participants.


What is a payment authorization?

A payment authorization place a hold on a credit card to reserve funds now, but capture them only when the booking has been confirmed by the supplier too.

I saw a transaction on my credit card balance account even if the booking hasn't been confirmed or has been rejected. Why?

A payment authorization is not a transaction, just a hold on a credit card to reserve funds. It will be automatically canceled within 7 days.

Can I trust paying online with a credit card?

When you pay with credit card on, you are redirected to a secure form managed by Stripe (, one of the most reliable and secure payment gateway worldwide.

Stripe is used by a lot of big companies, like, ManoMano, Deliveroo, Asos and many more...

Winedering and Stripe both use secure and encrypted connections to protect your data.

What happen if the Supplier Reject the Booking?

If the supplier rejects the booking, you will receive an email notification. In this case the cancellation is always free of charge for you. The payment authorization we placed on your credit card will be automatically canceled within 7 days.