How to Create a Booking on behalf of Your Customer

With Winedering's Distributor Panel, you can seamlessly search for the finest wine experiences for your customers using criteria such as reviews, location, and prices. Gain real-time visibility into the commissions or net prices allocated to you, ensuring a streamlined and informed decision-making process. Complete the booking online on behalf of your clients in less than a minute!

1. How to Make a Reservation for your Customer

As shown in the video below, these are the steps to follow to make a booking on behalf of your clients:

  1. Access your Affiliate Partner Portal and click on "Book or Create Affiliate Link" or on "Go to"

  2. Search for the perfect wine experience using Winedering's search tools

  3. Check the availability by selecting the preferred date and time

  4. Select the preferred language

  5. Adjust the number of participants

  6. Fill out your client's details and notes, if any

  7. Click on Review and Confirm

  8. You'll be redirected to the payment page. Fill in your credit card details and confirm


2. Check the Status of your Client's Booking and your Balance

As Shown in the video above, once the supplier confirms your booking request, the status of your booking will change to "Confirmed". You can manage and see details and status of your bookings from your "bookings customer" menu in the partner's portal.

Please take note: Commissions are only earned on bookings that are both paid and completed. Therefore, you'll need to await your customers' participation in the experience and the successful completion of their booking before the corresponding amount is transferred to your balance.

Great! Now you know everything there is to know about How to Book a Wine Experience on your Customer's Behalf.