How to register as Distributor

To register as a Winedering Distributor, the first step is to create an account on

1. User Account Registration

Click here and select the right registration type.

Fill in the fields with an email, a username, and a password and Review and Accept Winedering's Affiliates Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, then click "sign up"


Once you created the account, you'll receive an email to confirm and activate your account.

2. Login

Once the account is confirmed, you can use your new credentials to access Winedering's Affiliate Partner Portal.

Click on the login link and fill in with your credentials

Once done click on the button to go to the partner portal

3. Complete your Company Profile

Please, complete your Company Profile by:

  1. Filling out your company details, making sure that all fields are filled in and that all fields are green.

  2. Correctly set the way you want to see prices (see image below): "net prices" or "gross prices with commissions"? Take a look here to see how it works

  3. After filling out your company details, you will be asked to review and agree to our Affiliate Terms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

4. Accept Winedering's Affiliate Agreement

The last step to complete your registration is to accept Winedering's Affiliate Agreement. As a Winedering Affiliate and Distributor, you'll be entitled to 50% of our commission on wine tastings, wine tours, and other wine experiences. As our commission can vary from product to product, your entitled commission can also vary between a minimum and maximum percentage, usually 6% and 8%, of the final cost of the experience.

Great! Now your registration as a Winedering Affiliate is complete and you can start earning commissions by sharing tracked links with your customers or by booking on their behalf.