Experiences Management

Upload an Experience

To reduce your loss of time and any technical difficulties you might find in filling in all the details of your business, the Winedering team will do the data entry for you!

Please, click here and choose how to send us your material:

  1. Entry the experience details in the "Complete form" (suggested). In this way, you'll follow all our guidelines to build the perfect experience and accelerate the uploading process.

  2. Send us a compressed file (zip or rar) that contains all the materials you have about the experience (prices, descriptions, at least 4 images...).
    If you choose this option, please, take a look anyway to the "Complete form", in this way you'll have an idea of what we need to upload your experience.

You must be a supplier to ask for the upload of your experiences.
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How it works once the material is submitted?

Every time we finish uploading your experience, you will receive an email notification, through which you can access your "Supplier Area", view the preview of the experience we have created for you and, if the data is correct, confirm its validity and publish it instantly in our marketplace.

View your Experiences

Login to your control panel and click on the "Experiences" link under the "Supplier Area"

After completion, you'll encounter a table listing all your experiences. To access a preview of an experience, simply click either the experience's name or the "eye" icon at the end of its respective row.

For specific and crucial guides and tutorials on particular topics, click the "?" icon.

Close specific dates and timeslots of an experience

It is possible to close specific dates and timeslots of an experience to avoid undesired bookings.

Simply access the preview of your experience (refer to the guide above) and click on the "close dates" button. You have the option to close dates completely, which will be listed as "Fully Closed," or partially, by selecting only those timeslots you are not available for, and the relative date will be listed as "Partially Closed." To select timeslots, click on "Specify Timeslots" and select the checkbox of the timeslots you want to close.

Here below a video to show how it works.

Please note: each experience has a different calendar, so if you close dates on an experience, it doesn't mean you are closing those dates on other experiences too. You should repeat the process for each experience for which you need to close specific dates. 


Suspend an Experience

To suspend an experience, access the preview of an experience (see the instructions up above) and click on the button "Suspend".

Modify/Update an Experience

To modify or update an experience, access the preview of an experience (see the instructions up above) and click on the button "Edit / Modify" or send an email to help@winedering.com indicating the experience id and changes to be made.

Check the ranking of an experience

Monitoring the ranking of your experiences is crucial for securing more bookings. The rationale behind this is straightforward: to increase bookings, your experience needs to be visible. Visibility, in turn, hinges on securing the best possible position (take a look at how to do it) as users navigate through our website by various destinations (country, region, province, city, town, point of interest, and/or wine destinations).

To check the ranking of an experience, simply access the experiences list in your supplier control panel. Here, under the "Your rankings" column, you'll find the rankings for each destination displayed.

In the images below, you'll notice that the first experience listed in the grid, "Tuscan Lunch at Terra Antica in Montepulciano," holds the 3rd position in the "Cervognano Montenero" location. Meanwhile, the second experience, "Light Lunch Experience at Terra Antica Estate," secures the 1st position in the same location, as well as in Siena, Tuscany, and the Italian landing page.


There are many ways to increase the visibility of an experience, and we strongly suggest to read and apply them carefully and as soon as possible. Click here now!

Automatic Booking Confirmation

You can streamline your booking process by enabling automatic confirmation for incoming bookings.

Once activated, bookings will be immediately confirmed without requiring manual review from you. You will receive anyway a notification every time a booking arrives, but you'll not need to confirm it manually.

This feature is not only useful, but also positively influence your experience's ranking on our platform.

To see the impact, compare the rankings of your experience by destination before and after activating automatic confirmation. See the picture below. Once the automatic booking confirmation switch is activated, the ranking of that experience immediately gain some position, passing from 11th in "Val D'Orcia" destination to the 10th position, and also from position 45 in Siena to position 36!

Adjust Commissions

You have the flexibility to adjust the commissions you allocate to Winedering. However, it's important to note that you cannot reduce your commissions below the minimum level set when you subscribed.

By moving and adjusting your commissions, you can directly enhance the rankings and visibility of your experiences. This can give them a significant boost by increasing the commissions.

To observe the impact of your commissions on the rankings of your experiences, simply drag the cursor to increase or decrease the commissions. This allows you to see, in real time, the effect it has on the ranking of the experience by destination.

Refer to the animation below to understand how the system operates. In this example, adjusting the commission moved the position of the experience in Siena from 36 to 23!

Approve an Experience to Go Online

When our team loads one of your experiences, you will be asked to review it and to confirm to publish it online.

To do it, login into your control panel, click on the "Experiences" menù and filter those in "Ready" status. Open each single experience, check if everything is ok and the click "Confirm".
That experience will be immediately published online!